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7 July 2021 - News

Yemen Restoring Education and Learning Emergency Project

The Yemen Restoring Education and Learning Emergency Project is to maintain access to basic education, improve conditions for learning and strengthen education sector capacity in selected districts of the Republic of Yemen.

The Project finances a package of interventions delivered to 1000 schools across the country and the beneficiaries of the project are children at basic education level (grade 1-9), their teachers and school-based staff. The proposed interventions, which will be implemented by Save the Children, UNICEF and WFP over three academic years, will support teacher payment and teacher training, school feeding, school infrastructure improvements, the distribution of learning materials and school supplies, and national capacity building. Save the Children will be responsible for the activities related to teacher training, the development, printing, and distribution of teaching and learning materials, learning assessments, alternative learning, and the capacity development activities focusing on school levels.

The Stakeholders Engagement Plan (SEP) is an instrument defines a program for stakeholder engagement and to manage interactions between the Save the Children and the project's stakeholders.


    Download "Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)"      

     PDF | 500.48 KB



The Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) is an instrument sets out the environmental and social safeguarding commitments to be carried out by the Save the Children and other project implementing partners during project life cycle.


    Download "Environmental & Social Commitment      


      PDF | 200.05 KB



The Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) is an instrument that prepared to meet the requirements of the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF), most particularly the Environmental and Social Standard on the Assessment and Management of Environmental and Social Risks, including the World Bank Group Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines.  It also complies with Yemeni environmental and social laws and regulations.


    Download "Environmental and Social Management
    Framework (ESMF)"

      PDF | 2.71 MB