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24 May 2023 - News

A Father’s Battle: Resilience Amidst Yemen’s Crisis

In eastern Hodeidah, Yemen, Hassan*, a father of six, recounts his challenging journey during the country's long-drawn-out war, beginning in 2015. Unable to continue his work abroad, Hassan* was forced to seek out alternative sources of income in a time of scarcity.

“My wife had to work at a neighboring farm, earning a small daily wage to help cover some of the family’s basic needs. Meanwhile, I used my own vehicle and worked as a deliveryman,” Hassan* explains. However, skyrocketing fuel prices and recurrent healthcare needs for his children forced him into mounting financial pressure, drastically affecting his livelihood.

Their situation worsened when his youngest son, Ali*, fell ill, suffering recurrent febrile seizures that left him in a weakened state. Recalling the painful memories, Hassan* reveals, “It was so painful to see my son writhing in pain due to the severe fever. I did not have any money to get him the healthcare he needed at the time.”

Desperate to help Ali*, Hassan* sold his pick-up truck for hospital expenses. Despite the treatment, Ali*'s health did not improve significantly due to severe malnutrition, leading to further distress for the family.

Save the Children’s team intervened, providing Ali* with therapeutic food through its malnutrition treatment program and supporting the family with an integrated food basket for five months. On the impact of this intervention, Hassan* says, “Save the Children took care of my son and my family, which allowed my son to recover from his malnutrition and get back on his feet.”

Over 17 million people in Yemen are facing acute food insecurity due to ongoing conflict, economic instability, and climatic shocks. Hassan's* story is a stark reminder of the dire situation many Yemeni families face and the transformative potential of humanitarian aid.

Reflecting on the journey, Hassan* affirms, “The healthcare and food support we received [was] incredibly valuable, especially during a time when I was struggling to provide for my children. This support made me and my family feel safe and healthy, and relieved of financial stress. In fact, I was able to rebuild the shabby shacks in our house and keep our remaining sheep and goat.”