application/pdfالمستقبل على المحك اطفال اليمن محرومون من التعليمتقرير حول أثر النزاع المسلح على التعليم في اليمن "المستقبل على المحك: أطفال اليمن محرومون من التعليم"22/06/2016713KB
application/pdfFUTURES ON THE LINE Yemen’s children missing an educationEven where schools have reopened, insecurity has contributed to a situation where fewer girls are attending classes, exacerbating the gender education gap that pre-existed the conflict. Those boys and girls who are at school often receive poor quality education, aggravated by the current crisis, due to a combination of overcrowded classrooms, shortages of qualified teachers, and lack of basic equipment including desks, chairs and text books.26/05/20161MB
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