Yemen Launching EVERY LAST CHILD 3rd May 2016 - Hodieda

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Yemen Launching EVERY LAST CHILD

3rd May 2016


Part of the Children role-play in the event, photo credit: Mohammed Awadh- SCI communication officer

On Tuesday 3rd May 2016 Save the Children Yemen launched the EVERY LAST CHILD with 300 participants from Local Authorities, Local Partners, the Media, the Community members, SCI staff and of course, children, many of whom have been displaced. The launch was conducted in one of Save the Children’s Child Friendly Space in Al Myrwah district in Hodeida.

During the launch, different activities were conducted by the children highlighting their rights to live in a protected environment and to access basic services like education and healthcare.

The National Advocacy and Media Manager, Fatima Alajel gave a quick overview of Save the Children’s Work in Yemen and how SCI continued to contribute to improve the situation for children during the ongoing conflict, while also sharing information about the SCI New Every Last Child Campaign and how children can be part of it through their contribution in SCI activities in all sectors. Fatima explained that Save the Children’s new campaign  is a fantastic opportunity to hear from children, parents and partners and understand what’s important to them and what they want Save the Children to do more of n the future in Yemen to alleviate the suffering of nearly 10 million children.


In particular, Fatima stressed:

·         The importance of every one to raise awareness and create a protective environment to children in Yemen with a focus on internally displaced children.

·         The SCI New campaign will do whatever it takes to ensure every last child survives, learns and is protected. 

·         Ensuring that children are able to voice their own opinions, mobilise and be agents for change.


Children participation in the New Campaign

. During the launch event 50 children spent an hour drawing pictures depicting their lives in Yemen and how they see their futures.  Different stories and hopes were reflected in their drawings and at the end the pictures were exhibited with every child given 2 minutes to explain his or her drawing. All the pictures highlighted the impact of war on children, the lack of basic services like education and the conflict related trauma children in Yemen are dealing with on a daily basis. All the children agreed that “the war should stop and they deserve to live in peace”. There were specific focuses on:


Media Coverage of the Launch

10 media representative from Yemen participated in the event and filed stories on the event through their respective agencies. In particular, Hodeidah Radio covered the launch live and interviewed the Advocacy Manager and children who participated in the event.



Social media


Social media platforms were also utilized to heighten exposure and di well. Photos, posts and comments generated nearly 28,000 impressions in 48 hours under #everylastchild hashtag. For example, one of tweets was retweeted more than 45 times and enjoyed 44 likes while our Facebook account was viewed by more than 5000 people and attracted more than 35 shares. Attached are the overall insight numbers.