Yemen: Global Day of Action: CHILD PARTICIPATION Event

Monday 25 January 2016

Save the Children Yemen Office celebrated on Thursday 21 January 2016 the Global Day of Action “Ambition for Children 2030” with participation of partners, children, and media and SCI staff. 90 members from Children parliament, children from SCI Child Friendly Spaces, local partners, Governmental partners, National and international Media and SCI staff participated in the event.



The event started with the Country Director Edward Santiago who launched the SCI New strategy: Ambition for Children 2030. He explained that “today is a fantastic opportunity to hear from children, parents and partners and understand what’s important to them and what they want Save the Children to do more of in the future in Yemen. He stressed the importance of child participation during the day– we are an organization that works for and with children.”

Then, the Advocacy and Media Manager, Fatima Alajel gave a quick overview of Save the Children’s Work in Yemen and how SCI contributed to improve the children situation during the emergency and conflict in Yemen during 2015; highlighting the main achievements of SCI of 2015.

Another presentation was conducted that shared SCI new global strategy: Ambition for Children 2030, that aims to represents a real opportunity for SCI to build on our strengths and create lasting impact for children. The presentation focused on inspiring three specific breakthroughs for children by 2030:

·         Survive: No child dies from preventable causes before their fifth birthday

·         Learn: All children learn from a quality basic education

Be protected: Violence against children is no longer tolerated



The presentation focused that SCI won’t inspire breakthroughs for children on their own –“we as SCI will need to work closely with partners, like you. We need your help and experience. It is only in partnership with others that we can deliver our promise to achieve immediate and lasting change in children’s lives.”

The last session was splitting the participants into four groups (the children, parents, LNGOs, media and SCI staff. It was an opportunity for them to raise their views and concerns on the children situation in Yemen and get their views about the new strategy. They had an hour to discuss three main issues:

  • Three challenges children in their country face on a daily basis
  • Three solutions that when implemented, will improve their lives
  • Their perspective on what Save the Children can do to help, how they’d like to be involved

This was followed by an hour of each group presenting their finding and an open conversation between the children, parents, media, partners and staff. The final session was followed by 30 mins of key conclusions, wrap up and thanks by the Country Director. 




There was a big Media coverage for the event and there were many interviews for the Country Director with the National and International Media ( RT TV, AlHurrah TV, AlMaidan TV, Yemen Today TV..) who expressed to Media the importance of this strategy and the future plan of SCI in Yemen.