REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) to Partnership with Save the Children

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Save the Children (SC) has been working in Yemen since 1963, implementing health, nutrition, child protection, food security and livelihoods and WASH interventions; it therefore has a long history of programming and humanitarian interventions in the country. SC is currently working in nine Governorates in Yemen through standard programming, as well as by focusing on child rights and child rights governance. In all thematic areas, SC is working to address both immediate humanitarian needs as well as their underlying root causes and chronic underdevelopment. Over the last few years, Save the Children's programs expanded to central, South and North provinces in the country. Save the Children’s programs in Yemen are guided by the awareness that the disparities in Yemeni society are rooted in the historical exclusion of a majority of social groups, mainly children and women, Save the Children actively seeks to empower such groups through its programs and its partners who work on the community in order for our interventions to be socially accepted and find ways of sustainability through local actors. Those local partners will have their capacities built over the years through SCY very well guided strategies and tools for organizational capacity building.



SC invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualified organizations which are working with and for young people. During this partnership, Save the Children will partner and support youth and adolescent’s groups and organizations in expressing their views about issues related to them and on the peaceful future of Yemen and will facilitate their access to necessary platforms to advocate for and channel their recommendations and views regarding the peace process.

The organizations which will partner with Save the Children are required to be with active grass root participation; and their programs and advocacy work are informed by the experiences of youth. As the program is mainly focusing on Youth-focused organization or organizations that are working directly with and for youth.


II.     Short description of SCI Partnership framework:

Save the Children’s definition of partnership: Save the Children defines Partnership as a long-term relationship between two or more organisations/institutions with a mutually agreed set of principles and accountabilities, working towards defined objectives that facilitate lasting change for children.

Save the Children aims to work in partnerships and strengthen local capacity in situations of long-term development as well as in contexts of emergencies and transition.


Goals and objectives in partnership: Partnership as an approach delivers more than our need to fulfil our own program objectives. Save the Children is committed to achieving breakthroughs for children that are ambitious and go beyond the scope of any single organization. This should happen in close collaboration with partners and in a spirit of mutual learning and responsibility.  In that process, we help to strengthen national development capacity, including of civil society and other development actors.


Partnership Principles: Save the Children believes that good partnership encompasses the following principles: 1) value-driven and empowering relationships; 2) transparency and accountability; and 3) mutual benefit.  These principles inform our partnership approaches and practices.


Partnership within the Theory of Change: Save the Children is an agent of change and part of a global movement for children. As a member of the international NGO community, we support the development of a strong independent civil society working to promote the best interests of children. To fulfil our aspirations of innovation and achieving results at scale, we must continuously identify partners and build appropriate relationships and networks for programming, policy, advocacy and campaigns. Our history of global Save the Children co-operation reflects that belief. 

By placing partnerships at the centre of our Theory of Change, we are promoting partnerships both as an approach to change in and of itself, and as a key ingredient in ensuring the success of the other elements of the Theory of Change. Thus partnerships inform how we want to:

-       Be the innovator – by co-creating innovations with our partners;

-       Be the voice – by supporting the development of long-term; sustainable and independent voices of and for children where we work; and

-       Achieve results at scale – by working with partners and thus enhancing the scope and sustainability of our efforts.


 The minimum criteria for the National Organizations to be consider as potential partner include:

·         The organization focuses on the most marginalized and excluded youth (those who are economically and socially excluded due to race, gender, social class, ethnicity, national origin, or other defining characteristics.);

·         The organization has provided/continue provides meaningful and innovative youth programs for more than 2 years

·         The organization is widely networked; The organization has a sufficiently wide membership and large number of young supporters in their field of activity;

·         The organization must have documented management and financial systems and procedures in place; along with clear transparency and Integrity in fund management;

·         Registered organization with Bank Account with minimum of two/ three signatories;

·         The organization has a democratic governance structure and decision making mechanism, including consultative processes in formulating priorities and policies;

·         The organization has a gender perspective/balance reflected in their staff, beneficiaries and activities;




Youth-focused non Profit Organizations (NGOs) and/or work directly with and for youth that are interested to work in partnership with Save the Children International are requested to submit their profile to (Save the Children International,  Yemen Country Office, send your application to latest by 5th of August.  


Partnership advisor will be responsible in facilitation of applications review, award and management process. Issuance of this EOI does not constitute an award or commitment on the part of the Save the Children International, nor does it commit Save the Children to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of EOI and/or application. Only short listed organizations will be contacted for the further process.