MDF training for religious leaders ( Imams)

Monday 12 January 2015



Through SIDA CORE- SC partner MDF is working in center area conducted a workshop for 30 religious leaders (Imams) on 3-4 Nov 2014. The objective of the workshop is to raise awareness of child protection and help to disseminate the protection messages among elders. MDF targeted religious leaders and some officials from endowment ministry as they key people to support protection and will participate to facilitate protection activities to reach everyone. The workshop included many topics like CRC, presentation of MDF study on children status within care/detention centers, protection definition and how it is included within Islam regulations. The participants were selected from the surrounded mosques of children club that is run by MDF and official agencies like endowment ministry and general association of the Imams.




The outcomes were promising and show great commitments from the participants where they agree on the following points:

 - A schedule about the awareness lectures in the mosques run by the participants in the training course.

- Networking with the Endowment Office and the Syndicate of the Preachers in the capital secretariat

- Adopting the issues of child protection within the programs of mosques

- A database of the mosques in the capital secretariat

- The imams of the mosques are ready to visit the child care centers for giving guidance and awareness lectures.

- MDF to work on documentation the lessons/sermons by media tools.



Furthermore, MDF continued working with the participants to plan for further activities and the ministry of endowment showed deeper understanding by issuing a decree for Sana’a to conduct 14th Nov Friday prayer sermons on child protection issues.