The Global Day of Action for Child Survival October 28, 2015

Sunday 1 November 2015




“ The Global Day of Action for Child Survival October 28, 2015”






The Race for Survival is Save the Children’s biggest child participation event. The Race for Survival is the main mobilization activity for the day. It is designed to take our core campaign message to a broader audience and contribute to an enabling environment for change.


This year in Yemen , Save the Children decided to conduct the Race for Survival with focus on the displaced children who are the most affected by the war and conflict. The children recommendations of the Child Led assessment were shared in the Race with the community leaders and families, media to provide a protected environment to children who live in conflict. 

We planned to target 200 displaced children from schools and communities from two districts in Hodeida governorate. But there was huge attendance from the displaced children. About 500 displaced children attended and participated in the Race. And about 1000 displaced people, schools and communities.  The strong value was the participation of the Key local decision makers, parents and local media,  schools and Youth initiatives in this event. They all were agreed on children calls to stop the war and create protected environment to children. 



The children drafted recommendations and they were designed in banners, posters. Children had chance to speak in the Race and raised their voices. The main recommendations were:

·         Stop the conflict in our country.. We call for peace.

·         Provide medical staff in all health facilities..We want to be healthy

·         Provide clean water ..We want to be protected from disease

·         Provide regular electricity …We want to watch TV children programs

·         Rebuild and repair our schools ..We want to back to school

·         Support us to return to our homes.. We want to live in peace and happiness

·         Provide a protective environment to us…We want to live with our families safely

·         Bring brotherhood back to all Yemenis …We want to return smiles to the children’s faces 

·         Build a playground for displaced children.. We want to have a normal life