Tuesday 27 March 2018

Monday, 26th March, marks the third anniversary since the conflict in Yemen escalated.

The last 36 months have been utterly devastating for children of Yemen who have suffered at the hands of all warring parties. Many have seen their homes and schools bombed and destroyed, or watched their loved ones killed and injured. As the violence continues to rage, many despair that their hopes for the future are being shattered due to the international communities’ 'wilful inaction.

To mark the anniversary of the escalation, Save the Children invited more than a dozen Yemeni teenagers—who are all members of the country’s Children’s Parliament—to come together and make a united call to the world.  

The Parliament is supported by one of our partners in the country and for more than 18 years has brought together children from across Yemen to discuss key issues like education, children’s rights and economic development.





“We, the children of Yemen, are struggling to survive. We go to sleep to the sound of warplanes overhead and guns in the street. We wake up to more destruction.

“We are innocent, play no part in this war, and have committed no sins.

“And yet, we are missing out on an education as our schools are being destroyed. We are being denied our most basic rights of health, safety, and life. The longer the war continues, the more children will die.

“Disease will continue to spread, whilst health centres lack the medical supplies and vaccines needed to tackle them.

“We could be forced to work just to be able to eat. We are sad for our country, our families and our friends.

“And to the world, to all the big decision makers, we ask you to think of us before you wage a war.

We want the world to do five things for us:

  1. Help stop the war and protect children’s rights.
  2. Investigate and monitor grave violations against children.
  3. Make sure children can still access education and ensure that damaged schools are rehabilitated.
  4. Restock health centres with medical supplies and rehabilitate hospitals so they can treat the sick and injured.
  5. Provide shelter and emotional support for children who have lost everything. 



Save the Children’s Yemen Country Director Tamer Kirolos said:  

“For the last three years, Yemeni children have been bombed and starvedwith utter impunity. Thousands have died in their homes or in hospitals as they waited in vain for medicines or lifesaving equipment to reach them. Tens of thousands more could die this year alone if urgent action is not taken to end the violence.

“Children who once felt they had a future, have seen their cities and their dreams turned to rubble. Half of all hospitals have now been damaged or destroyed, hundreds of schools have been levelled or attacked, and four million children are on the brink of famine.

“The saddest thing is that all of this suffering is completely man-made. All we need is political will from all the warring parties to end the bloodshed, to fully relax the blockade so that humanitarian and commercial supplies can enter the country. Without this, the fourth year of Yemen’s war will likely be its deadliest yet.”